Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Long time no type...

Well if anyone actually reads this blog I want you to know that I am hopefully going to stick with it now. I have finally got to a point in my life where I will have some time to make entries on a regular basis. I got a new MacBook and it is sweet. If you haven't heard, I took a Youth Pastor position in Fox Lake, Wisconsin at a church called Living Hope Community Church.
Boston was awesome. I learned a ton about urban ministry and fell in love with the city of Boston. Plus I went to like 10 Red Sox games which was amazing, GO SOX!!!

One amazing thing that I have learned through the last year is that God has a plan. I can't see it most the time and that really frustrates me, but he has my life in His hands. I had no idea what I was going to do over the summer, and he provided, plus it was in Boston of all places, which was amazing. Then, half way through being in Boston I realized that I had no where to go after Boston and really started stressing, but God had me in His hands. I took a great position at a church where I will continue to learn and Brittney and I have already felt an immense amount of love from the people here. It is awesome. We are currently trying to find a house and I caught myself getting stressed and I reminded myself that God has a plan and I just need to remember that. I hardly ever remember all the great things that God has done for me. I am sure that if Moses was around he would want to smack me upside the head with his rod and tell me to remember that God provided Boston when it looked like there was no answer and God provided Wisconsin when it looked like there was no answer. I am sure he would want me to look back and remember how God has me in His hands.

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