Monday, February 11, 2008

After reviewing the following websites,,, and, please discuss your observations of the sites as related to usefulness in ministry and approaches to the Gospel

Got Life wasn't much better than the digital tracks we saw last week. The only reason I thought it was even close to better was because it addressed a lot of tough questions that seekers have. I would have a hard time saying this is relevant (to culture) media.

Simply Share Jesus was great. I think this is the best multimedia we have seen. I think it appeals to the auditory learner because the presentation is heard instead of read. I think the idea of a cube that changes art forms is something that keeps your attention. I would show this while evangelizing. I think it could be an awesome tool in the overseas mission field. I think this is a relevant tool.

The Way of the Master wasn't very impressive. When i pressed on point 1 I thought it took forever to show how we are all guilty of sin. It was nearly 10 minutes to explain how we are all sinners. It could be explained with much less time. "Hells Best Kept Secret" made me laugh, because Kirk Cameron spoke of the Rich Young Ruler and how Christ didn't want to be his friend, but he let him walk away. "He didn't say come back and have a no strings attached relationship" say Cameron. But maybe he should actually focus on the story itself and what Jesus is doing. He isn't planting a seed as much as he is telling someone that they must love God more than money. I didn't agree with much that was said, but I did think it was cool that they showed video of them on the street actually doing evangelism, instead of just talking about doing evangelism.

Try This is about as un-relevant as it could possibly be. It is a word document on a website. I think the wording is good for the target audience; kids. The only thing is the graphics are cheesy at best. Not the best resource.

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