Friday, October 31, 2008


Join me and others as we take the month of November to remember how God has richly graced us with facial hair. Sorry if His rich blessing of facial hair was not given to you, I am sure you have some other great and amazing gift or ability. You can still participate even if you cannot grow hair or even if it grows in patches all over your face.

The Rules Are Simply
1) Start fresh shaven or slight 5 o'clock shadow. But nothing crazy to start with.
2) Don't shave for the month of November.
3) Participants should post pictures as often as possible for the month of November.
4) Neck shaving is aloud if it is necessary, necessary means work or your wife require it. If it is just annoying then suck it up.

Let me know if you are going to join me in this epic adventure to show off the masculinity that God has blessed us with!!!

If you are still wondering why you should take part in such a barbaric thing as not shaving just remember the words of the poet Bradley Hathaway, "BEARDS ARE TOUGH!!!"

Just look at Matthew from the Band Blessed Is He. He hasn't shaved since 04 and he looks pretty tough.


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