Monday, February 11, 2008

Servant Evangelism

"The questions and issues for lost people have changed. I am not sure that we are listening to the questions any longer. Is it possible that in our efforts to communicate we are simply shouting our answers at a higher pitch?

Some people tend to scream the same thing at a higher pitch. Instead of taking a different angle and adapting with culture they continue to tell of the ideals that used to work to defend their faith. I know that the Christian population is beginning to be people that are spoon-fed their beliefs instead of doing the research to find why they believe what they believe. This method has hurt Christianity because many of us only know the answers that we have been told and when that is proven wrong we either get louder with the same argument or we begin to doubt our faith.

Love is the central piece for what we believe as Christians. Loving the Lord or God and loving our neighbor are quite a consistent trend in the Bible. And on the one occasion Jesus is asked who is my neighbor. He goes off on a tangent about the Good Samaritan. He basically tells this teacher of the law a story of hatred and how the Samaritans and Levites hated each other, but the Samaritan stopped, he cared, he loved his neighbor as himself. Who is our neighbor? Everyone, including the person we hate, and we must live like we love all, even those who crash planes into America’s buildings, even those who lobby for pro-choice, and even those who ultimately we want to hate. Love is the best evangelism there is, because when we love, we reflect Christ.

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