Wednesday, January 2, 2008

the glass can only spill what it contains

Liar, Teacher. Lazy, Servant. Prideful, Humble. Angry, Patient. Complainer, Content. Worried, Peaceful. Sinner, Pastor.

How is it that I tend to live in separate worlds as a Christ follower. It is hard when you teach students to be the same in their schools as they are in the church, but you can't even do the same. Part of me wonders why I sin when I am told to "be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect." Obviously perfection is a hard goal to achieve, but am I even striving for it?

I have heard many students say, "I respect your choice to be a Christian, but I don't think it is for me." Almost every time I hear the students say those words they have a tone that says, "I am not willing to change my habits." There is this concept out there that says in order to be a Christian we have to change all our habits (sin) before we can follow Christ, but yet as Christians we agree that we all sin. It's a pretty weird concept if you ask me. I look at the disciples and see how Jesus asked them to follow Him and their change was a process. Is this how our changes are suppose to occur?

We have made the two worlds just that, two worlds. We have not realized that while we strive for the perfection of our heavenly Father, there are lessons to be learned from our weaknesses and struggles. I am beginning to wonder how we can truly come to God just as we are when we are expected to change before we ever get there. Isn't it God's power that changes us and causes us to avoid sin and temptation?

I continue relying on God to change me and bring me through the process of sanctification and teach me so much about Him along the way. Part of what makes me strive to learn more about God and become more mature in my relationship with Him is that "the glass can only spill what it contains." I can only model for students the areas of my life that I have let Christ into.

Thanks to mewithoutyou for the inspirational line "the glass can only spill what it contains"

Justin Douglas

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